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Welcome to the Kern River Valley Heritage Foundation  website.

We invite you to share our passion for the beautiful and historic Kern River Valley. In the following pages we will show you the projects we are working on. These are the Bob Powers Gateway Preserve, the Hot Springs Valley  Wetlands and other existing and planned projects desribed in the Project page.
Message from the President (2/6/17)

On February 2nd, the Hot Springs Valley Wetlands property came under the ownership of the Heritage Foundation. This was a three-year effort that previously had only been a dream. You, KRV Friends, supporters and donors, were instrumental to that success. Congratulations and thank you! Another key element was The Trust for Public Land, whose experience and behind the scenes facilitation kept the effort on course. Early on Audubon California, through its Jay J. and Sigrid E. Wimberly Wildlife Fund, provided a grant that gave us significant credibility in the search for additional funding. Finally, the River Parkways Grant Program within the California Natural Resources Agency stepped up with major funding.

Through our outreach effort, guided field trips are being scheduled for the BPGP/HSVW property. If you would like a close-up view join the Saturday, April 22, 9am-11am trip that is part of the Kern River Valley BioFest. If you have a group or would like a tour prior to April contact Bob Barnes (760) 382-1260 or to see what's on offer.

The January rains solidified our wetland enhancement efforts. It's taken a long time but we finally rounded up enough money to construct the second (and final) berm at the BPGP. That was done in October and you'll find a Michael Spradlin photo elsewhere on this site that shows the enhancement impact. As spring approaches, we should see a lot of water fowl enjoying the pond.

~  Tom
Alkali Mariposa Lily                                                          Scovern Hot Springs  Outflow                                                                                                  Seed Collection    
Photos  taken by McCormick Biological (left) and  Bob Barnes (center and right )

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