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Welcome to the Kern River Valley Heritage Foundation  website.

We invite you to share our passion for the beautiful and historic Kern River Valley. In the following pages we will show you the projects we are working on. These are the Bob Powers Gateway Preserve, the Hot Springs Valley  Wetlands and other existing and planned projects desribed in the Project page.

May 1st 2018

May started out cool and rainy. Gusty winds and overcast skies kept the waterfowl on the preserves hiding in the protection of the cat tails and shoreline bushes. The weather man has a warmer and sunny forecast for the upcoming weekend.

April was a busy month for our board members and volunteers. On April 11th  we met with the Kern County Wildlife Resource Commission. After a short presentation at the county building, the commission, along with representatives from California Fish and Wildlife toured both the Bob Powers Preserve and the Hot Springs Valley Wetlands Preserve. We believe they enjoyed their visit and left with a very positive understanding of our goals and challenges.

Later in April, board members were joined by representatives from Ducks Unlimited, Federal and State Wildlife Commissions, Kern River Conservancy and other community members. The morning was spent touring the Hot Springs Valley Wetlands Preserve to get a better understanding of the dynamics of the continuous water flow through the wetlands. We are looking at several potential ideas to possibly slow the flow which would help with waterfowl habitat. The previous sentence sounds simple, but I assure you, it is anything but.

May 1st is also the beginning of “Give Big Kern”, a county wide fund-raising program for non-profit organizations in Kern County. Please consider helping our cause. This is the third year that the Kern River Valley Heritage Foundation has participated in this event. Go to: for more information.

We are also soliciting volunteers for some clean-up and maintenance projects later this spring. If you would like to join us, please contact us through the website contact page.
Alkali Mariposa Lily                                                          Scovern Hot Springs  Outflow                                                                                                  Seed Collection    
Photos  taken by McCormick Biological (left) and  Bob Barnes (center and right )

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