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Welcome to the Kern River Valley Heritage Foundation  website.

We invite you to share our passion for the beautiful and historic Kern River Valley. In the following pages we will show you the projects we are working on. These are the Bob Powers Gateway Preserve, the Hot Springs Valley  Wetlands and other existing and planned projects desribed in the Project page.

Tom Anderson 1934-2017

We are saddened to report that founding board member and Past President Tom Anderson has passed away. His courageous seventeen-year battle with myeloma was just another testament of his tenacious lifestyle. In 2000 he, along with other members of the Kern River Valley community established the Kern River Valley Heritage Foundation. Its mission statement is: Protecting the natural, scenic, agricultural and historic lands of the Kern River Valley through stewardship, restoration and education. Because of Tom’s leadership, the Heritage Foundation has provided habitat for wildlife, both indigenous and migratory, established a survey program for the Alkali Mariposa Lily (a plant found in very few places and of special concern). The Heritage Foundation, has taken stewardship of over two-hundred acres of beautiful open undisturbed land in Lake Isabella. It was Tom’s vision that this area remains as near as possible to that original state, while still allowing the community the opportunity to visit and learn from its natural resources. His enthusiasm was always contagious and his objectives never misunderstood.
Alkali Mariposa Lily                                                          Scovern Hot Springs  Outflow                                                                                                  Seed Collection    
Photos  taken by McCormick Biological (left) and  Bob Barnes (center and right )

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