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MISSION: To protect the natural, scenic, agricultural & historic lands of the Kern River Valley through stewardship, restoration and education.

PURPOSE: To protect, manage, administer and preserve lands and other resources in the Kern River Valley area possessing unique natural, cultural or historical qualities.

Tom Anderson, Bob Barnes, Bill Jenkins, Bob Powers, Steve Spradlin and Mike Thomas
Our progress reports can be downloaded here;

2014 -first half
2015 -first half
2014 -year end
2015- year end 
 Joe Ciriello,  Sharon Rooney, Richard Rowe, Marsha Smith, Steve Spradlin, Reed Tollefson, Bruce Vegter and Wendy Walwyn
2016- first half
2016- year end
THE FOUNDATION:  An all volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit land
trust and is a member of the Land  Trust Alliance.

FUNDING AND COLLABORATING ENTITIES; We seek to, and have been successful, in raising funds and collaborating with public and private agencies, organizations and individuals. This includes: Audubon's Kern and Kerncrest Chapters, Audubon’s Kern River Preserve, Bureau of Land Management, Caltrans,California Department of Natural Resources, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Farmers Insurance Group, Keepers of the Kern, Kern River Paiute Council, Kern River Valley Revitilization, Kern Valley Exchange Club, Kern Valley Indian Community, Kern Community Foundation, Kern County Parks & Recreation Department, Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce, Kern River Valley Community Fund, Kern River Conservancy, Kernville Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of Kern River Valley, National Audubon Society, The Trust for Public Land, True Value Hardware (Lake Isabella and Mt Mesa), Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners,  UC Cooperatibe Extension,   Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Southern California Edison, Southern Sierra Research Station, The Arthur and Sidney R. Barnes Family Foundation, U.S Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service - Kern River Ranger District, Wildlife Conservation Board and many individuals and businesses.