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New Fences Going Up At The Hot Springs Valley Wetlands

Volunteers and Board members have been busy installing a new fence and repairing the old interior fences.

This project was made possible by arecently awarded grant from Partners for Fish and Wildlife program.

The new fence, when complete, will extend the entire north/south length of the Hot Springs Valley Wetlands Preserve.

The southern section of the new fence will provide a disignated area for our planed meandering path and native planting display.



Our role

         The Alkali Mariposa Lily
  • special status plant of special concern

  • second largest known population in the entire range of the species

  • blooms and goes to seed in May and June

  •  takes 3 years for the seed to produce a bulb

  • BPGP seed bank established with Rancho Santa Anna Botanic Garden

  1. Map
  2. Tricolcored blackbirds
    Tricolcored blackbirds
  3. mmmm
  4. mmmm
    Bob Barnes and the group
McCormack Biological performed an Alkali Mariposa Lily survey in May 2015. 1255 plants were counted, plus four small areas were identified that contained an estimated 125 additional plants. We've had 14 previous counts. Most of these ranged from 100 to 500 plants. The previous high count, in 2009, was 974.

Click here to learn about our Alkali Mariposa Lily Seed Collection Project
       Tricolored Blackbirds

  • California Species of Special Concern has nested on BPGP

  • Forages on HSVW

  • Enhancing blackbird habitat

Through a partnership with the Lake Isabella Community Services District, we obtained use of a well not suitable for their needs, to provide supplemental water, if needed, through the nesting season. Funding for the pump, associated items and piping to deliver the water came from an Audubon California 2014 Tricolored Blackbird Partnership Program grant.

       Kern Redwinged Blackbirds

  • California Species of Special Concern has nested on BPGP and HSVW

We have enhanced blackbird habitat on BPGP
We are a community-based foundation
  •  Volunteers, including 30 sixth graders, planted 50 trees for a riparian woodlands area.
  •  Allowed Scovern Hot Springs to transplant 150+ Alkali Mariposa Lily plants onto the Preserve.
  • Received a $1,000 grant from the Kern Community Foundation to strengthen the organization.
  • In addition we have received several Kern Community Foundation donor advised grants to assist with general KRVHF operations and to assist with Preserve projects.
  •  KRVHF is a member of the Land Trust Alliance.


  • Contact KRVHF for BPGB and HSVW field visits

The Kern River Environmental Magnet Program was given a classroom presentation, “Careful Observation in the Field” that was followed two days later by a field trip to the Preserve to put in practice what they had learned
Alkali Mariposa Lily Bulb Harvest

On October 27th 2016 a group of volunteers met at the Bob Powers Gateway Preserve for a successful AML bulb harvest. They collected a total of 126 bulbs, although several were in questionable health, the team was confident the clear majority will be viable.  In addition, ten 2' x 2' flats of salt grass soil were salvaged from where AML plants had been flagged.

The bulbs and flats were taken to Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (RSABG) to be used for propagation, looking ahead to returning them to the Preserve assuming the visitor center is built.

Anthony Perez from Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden was our Team Leader with the volunteer Team composed of Charl Ann Gregory, Don Woodard, Gregory Perez, Jackie Williams, Jon Reem, Travis Burleson and Tom Anderson.